Walden Oaks Homeowners’ Association

Wellington Homeowners Association of Naples, Inc.

Wellington Homeowners’ Association Officers
President Bill Gallman
Vice-President Richard Shelly
Secretary/Treasurer Brad Wenstorm
Director Dolores MacLean

Board of Director updated 03/29/2019

Wellington Homeowners’ Association Property Manager
  Guardian Property Management
Mail Address 6704 Lone Oak Blvd. Naples, FL 34109
Telephone (239) 514-7432
Fax (239) 514-7759

The Wellington Homeowners Association documents listed here are recorded with the Collier County Clerk of Circuit Court. You may request an official copy of the documents as recorded at the offices of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, Collier County.

An unofficial copy of these documents have been placed on the Walden Oaks website at www.waldenoaks.net with Collier County Recorder Book and Page numbers referenced.

Wellington Homeowners Association Document

Title Page Record Number
Declaration of Restrictions and Covenants




OR: 1488 PG: 2151
- through -
OR: 1488 PG: 2158
OR: 1570 PG: 1619
- through –
OR: 1570 PG: 1622
OR: 2117 PG: 0887
OR: 2117 PG: 0888
Architectural Review Guidelines 18 OR: 1488 PG: 2159
OR: 1488 PG: 2196


Walden Oaks Homeowners’ Association